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Zero SP and DSP - Police and Security Motorcycles (2014)

Zero Motorcycles offers police and security motorcycles with  customizable options to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of  patrol applications. With the ability to patrol both on and off road areas, Zero Motorcycles  police and security...

Zero Motorcycles offers police and security motorcycles with  customizable options to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of  patrol applications. With the ability to patrol both on and off road areas, Zero Motorcycles  police and security models offer unique advantages over internal  combustion driven machines. The 100% electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm and  is highly maneuverable. 

With a ‘fuel’ cost of a penny per mile and a maintenance-free powertrain, a Zero Motorcycles patrol fleet offers the ability to save police and security agencies money while also giving them a tactical advantage. 

In certain regions, grants and incentives may be available specifically for both public and private organizations when purchasing electric patrol vehicles. In addition, consumer incentives may actually be applicable to purchases made by either government or private organizations. 


  • Front battery / frame protection bars
  • 4-way emergency flasher system
  • Headlight / taillight cut switch and harness 
  • Whelen TIR3 forward facing lights 
  • Whelen TIR3 side facing lights
  • Whelen TIR3 rear facing lights 
  • Emergency lighting harness
  • Programmable Whelen siren system with  PA and Microphone


Zero Motorcycles engineered the patrol lineup using the popular Zero S and Zero DS consumer products as the platform’s basis. Building off of an already robust platform, Zero heavily modified the consumer products to offer the Zero SP and Zero DSP. The Zero SP is designed for street usage. The Zero DSP is design for both on and off road usage.

Both models offer a wide array of options that allow governments, companies and organizations to specifically customize the motorcycles they purchase to best suit their needs. The available options cover most domestic and international needs for both police agencies and security companies.

What's New

The Zero DSP and Zero SP are built off of the similarly named revolutionary consumer products. As a result, they can now travel farther and feature many of the same core improvements as their consumer counterparts. Using the new Z-Force Power Tank aftermarket accessory, agencies have the option to increase the capacity of their overall power pack by an additional 2.8 kWh to a total of 14.2 kWh. This yields a range of 164 miles of city riding. Featuring Zero Motorcycles’ Z-Force motor and high-voltage power system, both motorcycles deliver instant acceleration that is both impressive and, without ever needing to shift, incredibly smooth. This sophisticated yet elegantly simple power delivery system allows authority figures to more effectively handle complex situations by eliminating peripheral inconveniences such as clutching or shifting. The brushless motor is sealed to ensure longevity and operates with such high efficiency that it requires no external cooling systems whatsoever. 

For improved on and off-road handling, both motorcycles now feature larger 43 mm forks, a completely reworked rear shock and more robust tripleclamps. The tripleclamps integrate seamlessly into a sophisticated dash that elegantly presents real time riding data and motorcycle statistics. To improve ride quality and control, the torsional rigidity of the chassis has been increased by making the frame, swingarm and front end more robust. Both the head bearings and swingarm bearings are new and larger. In addition, the brake system now offers more stopping power and control with a larger rear rotor and new rear caliper. With a redesigned chin fairing, seamlessly integrated dash and numerous detailed improvements to fit and finish, the 2014 police and security lineup offers agencies a new edge in patrolling while presenting the public with a sophisticated and environmentally aware image. 

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