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  • We Have A Responsibility

    By Frank Borelli - Friday March 21, 2014
    As I sit to type out this blog entry I am all too aware of how easy it would be for something I “say” to be misinterpreted, taken the wrong way, considered critical or insulting, etc.  Please, if you take issue with anything I say here, comment...
  • Glock Model 42 vs. Walther PPK

    By Frank Borelli - Tuesday February 18, 2014
    Since the announcement of the release of the new Glock Model 42 (G42) in .380ACP, I’ve seen both positive and negative comments about it.  It seems as if we, in the firearms industry, have found another “you either love it or hate it” design.  I...
  • BUG (Back Up Gun) Follow Up

    By Frank Borelli - Thursday February 13, 2014
    Almost a month ago now I wrote a blog entry about this poll regarding Back Up Guns or BUGs.  At that time the poll results, with exactly 100 votes, showed a prohibition rate of 18% with 2% of the votes saying, “No; but what they don’t know...
  • Three Minutes Late...

    By Frank Borelli - Monday February 10, 2014
    How many times have you shown up late to roll call?  Or late for a meeting? Or late to training?  We’ve all done it.  Sometimes circumstances get the best of us and we simply can’t do anything about it.  Then there’s the guy who shows up...
  • 2014: The Year of the Tactical Beard

    - Wednesday January 22, 2014
    Way back about two decades ago… yeah, the early 1990s… you weren’t “tactical” unless you were wearing Royal Robbins pants.  Remember those? The break through clothing item that catapulted 5.11 Tactical into the law enforcement market in a big...
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