Off-Duty and CONCEALED Carry

Cops make up a significant portion of those who carry a concealed weapon as the large majority of them carry concealed when off duty, so it’s inevitable that someone will see an off duty cop’s weapon or holster. In fact, it probably happens more often...

The happy side effect of the realization of this operational outlook would be that the general public would realize just how many guns are out among them every day; they’d be forced to realize that the mere presence of a gun is no reason for concern; they wouldn’t panic at the mere sight of part of a holster…  and American University’s campus would never have been locked down in the first place.

So here are my two thoughts:

Shouldn’t we, as pro-gun citizens, be fighting for the confirmation of our right to carry without a requirement for concealment?

Should we, as pro-grun police officers, promote the idea of openly carrying off duty in support of the 2nd Amendment and having no limitations thereon?

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated!

Stay safe.


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