Hurt & Heal: Equally Important

How many of you reading this remember seeing in the news, after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, how two SWAT Medics saved several lives by providing immediate emergency medical treatment to the wounded? Yeah, I don’t remember seeing it reported much...

The bottom line is that if we, as contemporary warriors, in or out of a uniform, carry a weapon for utility, defense or professional use – note that I said, “weapon” and not just “firearm” because this applies to knives, bows, etc. too – if we carry a weapon we should spend as much time training to treat injuries as we do to inflict them.  At its most basic and selfish motivation, such training would allow us to treat wounds to ourselves, increasing our chances of survival and decreasing mortality rates.  Thinking about how much we could help others, such training is invaluable for improving the quality of life for all those around us.

I’ll leave you with two thoughts:

1) Just imagine if all of the 700,000+ police officers in our country today were trained as Emergency Medical Technicians and properly equipped to perform that function, how much suffering could be alleviated and how much good would be done for public relations, and

2) Just imagine if every gun owner in America today was trained as an Emergency Medical Technician and carried even just a basic trauma kit, how much faster emergency medical care could be provided when accidental but inevitable injuries occur.

Bear in mind, that I’m not talking strictly about gun related injuries, but about all of the myriad and various injuries that occur each day all around us that we could help with if we were properly trained and properly equipped.  To my way of thinking it’s WELL worth the time invested.


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