What Are We Teaching Our Children?

I understand “zero tolerance” and its intent. I’ve always thought it was flawed because the simple truth of “zero tolerance” is that it doesn’t permit for unexpected circumstance; it doesn’t take into consideration the fact that we’re...

Sure, I get it.  We don’t want to glorify violence thereby teaching our children that it’s good to be violent.  What we’ve completely missed is that with this “zero tolerance” policy we’ve also stopped teaching our children that fighting for what you believe in is good.  We’ve stopped teaching our children to stand up for themselves.  We’ve stopped teaching our children to stand up to the under-dog.  We spend millions (if not billions) on anti-bullying programs but we actively teach our children NOT to fight back against the bully and we PUNISH the child who successfully does!

Our country… our society… our children cannot continue to be successful if we constantly are punishing them for doing the right thing.  I marvel that we still have young people volunteering for military service, law enforcement work or even public safety jobs in general.  An informal study showed that approximately two-thirds of those who do come from families where others already have.  Gasp… you mean…  fighting back and protecting the under-dog is a learned behavior?  Um, DUH!!  So let’s quit trying to suppress it and empower our children to defend themselves in a righteous and justified manner.

Ya’ think?


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