Mass Attacks & Gun Control

I’ve been an Active Shooter Response Instructor since 2000 and I’ve studied the history of active shooters in the United States for several years now. The one thing I see as constant is CHANGE.

Need to know: What is our agency’s response plan/policy regarding active shooters?  Are we properly equipped and training to carry out this policy/plan?

If you don’t know the plan or policy, learn it quick.  If you don’t know what you’re supposed to have, find out.  That’s what your chain of command is for.

Need to have: Sufficient arms, ammo, communications and first-aid supplies/training.

If you feel you are being shorted in any one of those areas, take your concerns up your chain of command.  When you bail out of your patrol vehicle to go into an Active Shooter situation to go hunting the bad guy is NOT the time to wonder if you have what you need.

Need to do: Our job.  Most of us took an oath that included protecting a given community or group of people.  “Protect and Serve” isn’t just some feel good philosophy.  It’s what we do… or what we’re supposed to.  When an Active Shooter call goes out, get to the location in a safe and timely fashion.  Kit up, go hunting.  Neutralize that threat to our children and any/all other innocents in your community.

In the meantime, try not to be distracted by the posturing of politicians, the endless debates about what the country needs, etc.  Stand for your beliefs, certainly.  But don’t let those debates and disagreements distract you from your purpose and duty.  Do it to the best of your ability and go home at the end of every shift without guilt or shame.

Stay safe.

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