A most realistic mock course

When the Virginia State Police (VSP) received grant monies from a federal seizure case, they considered how they might utilize the funds. Hiring was out of the question, but grant conditions stipulated the money could be used for capital improvement...

In addition, sophisticated simulation systems allow a trainee to feel as if he or she is zipping between cars, or swerving to avoid hitting a child who has run out in front. The Doron 550 LE Interactive Driving Simulation Systems used by the VSP are modeled to look and feel like the inside of a police cruiser. Students can get their feet wet in a controlled state before swerving to avoid the mock pedestrians.

The building has full emergency power, in addition to its own water treatment and sewage treatment, and will serve as a backup site for department State Police Continuous Operations and Facilities should something ever happen to the main headquarters. Rice says it is also set to be used as an alternative emergency operations center for state police.

“We definitely have more space,” says Rice (which must be somewhat of an improvement over training on abandoned airfields). “We’ve gone to every measure we can think of to make it safe, but still practical to use.” He adds that other agencies are free to use the brand new course and complex.

Now the only thing left to do is move in and drive.

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