Officer Survival and Attention to Detail

Little things add up and can seriously affect your survival. Just this week several (at least three) officers showed up at carbine qualifications with personally owned carbines topped with red-dot sight which had dead batteries. It can happen. Batteries...

It’s a daily struggle for excellence.  Admittedly over my 30 year police career I have made many of these errors and failed to attend to detail on more than one occasion.  I’ve driven down the street only to realize I left something back at the house and had to return.  And yes, I’ve learned the value of “redundancy in safety equipment” when my light died during a night shift or I was – cold or wet because I hadn’t brought my winter coat or raingear.  Therefore, I’m not preaching from the mount.  But I learned many of these lessons the hard way, long ago and they have carried me through my career and would submit that much of police work is attention to detail.

Maybe it’s time for a little inspection of you and your gear.  Is everything in top shape and good to go?  Failure at the range or in training is one thing.  Failure on the street is another thing entirely.  In just five minutes or less you can inspect and attend to your uniform and equipment and ensure that everything is squared away.  Time spent now paying attention to the details might prevent the rest of your life spent in regret.


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