Looks like a 12-gauge, hits like a bean bag

A couple years back, Tommy Teach found himself sharing the road with a very agitated driver. As the situation escalated, it became clear the enraged individual was not about to simply move on down the road—so Teach took action. He promptly called area...

Cruising for a bruising?

Neuromuscular interrupters will cause subjects to lose control of their muscles. In contrast, individuals struck by the Bruzer will not go rigid, but they will feel pain.

“We never recommend that you shoot at the upper thoracic cavity,” says Teach. (Always consult your department’s standard operating procedures and target area chart.) “The objective is to inflict sufficient pain to gain compliance. For example, you might encounter a threatening suspect with a knife. Do we need to kill that person? Not necessarily.”

The Bruzer can be used in areas and situations where lethal munitions would cause extensive damage to the subject, and even to surrounding persons and property. Plus, its impressive shooting distance of up to 50 feet, depending on the munitions deployed. This lets officers maintain some space apart from a potential suspect. The single-action design also adds a greater degree of caution on the part of the operator, as the time require to re-cock the launcher between shots provides a moment to re-assess the situation before deciding to fire again.

Optional high visibility orange barrels are available, and law enforcement agencies can decide whether they want the orange barrels or black. Teach says that while it’s a personal preference, SWAT teams performing tactical entries or breaching have reported that they typically prefer the black, while patrol officers on the street might gravitate to the orange for ease of visual identification.

Down the road, Teach says they are looking to implement a few safety features that will prevent a lethal 12-gauge shell from inadvertently being inserted into the launcher. “We’ll actually change a part out in the gun … so you have no cross-contamination. You can try to fire it, but the launcher won’t operate.” If users wish to purchase the Bruzer now, the company will send this upgrade free of charge when it becomes available.

A third option

“Through my military experience and work with law enforcement, I’ve learned that people at their core don’t want to kill each other—they’re forced to,” laments Teach. Perhaps that is one of the key reasons why the Bruzer has been so well-received not only by law enforcement agencies, but also by civilians looking for another means of personal protection. It gives them an option to potentially both mitigate a dangerous situation and not kill another human being.

Law enforcement officers today have a wide array of lethal weapons and less-lethal tools to choose from. The Bruzer was designed to fill in the gaps.

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