Seasonal Gun Wear

There are plenty of options to carry and conceal your handgun this winter season.

Next is an item I find myself wearing quite a bit now: The "Zip-Sweat" from EOTac. Feeling and fitting almost like a poly-pro base layer garment, this shirt really isn't much of a sweat shirt. It's cut roomy but because it doesn't have a full-length zippered front you do have to be careful that you can reach whatever you're carrying on your belt. At either hip their are sewn in slits that have double-tab hook-and-loop closures. The quarter-zip front is comfortably worn open, partially zipped, or if it's cold enough, zipped all the way up with the collar worn up or folded over like a turtle neck. On the left shoulder is a pocket that I most often use to carry my cell phone (because it's close enough to my ear I can still hear it even in loud places), and on the outside face of the pocket is a double pen pouch. Simple and comfortable, this will serve you well (as it has me) in temps down to about 50F - with just a t-shirt underneath - but you'd better not be rollie-pollie in the middle. It's cut for people who are in relatively decent shape, so if you want room to HIDE that pistol on your belt, make sure you waist measurement is sufficiently smaller than that of your chest and shoulders.

The last outer garment item for this article is the plain, old simple "hoody". Although some folks in and around urban areas equate "hoodies" with criminal wear, the truth is that there are plenty of hoodies out their with great messages on them that are comfortable, warm and good at NOT identifying you as military or police if you're avoiding that. I have hoodies that have "ARMY", "USMC", "2nd Amendment" messages and others. When it comes to color variety, hoodies beat all the above jackets hands down. You can find hoodies in everything from pink to camoflage, gray, black, blue, OD green, white, etc. My preference is for hoodies that make statements I support or enjoy - such as those shown from the National Rifle Association. If you are the holder of a concealed carry permit, you might want to consider such garments to support those who protect your rights.

Happy Trails!

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