ASAP Hurricane Survival Kit

This week though, I am writing a review of a pre-packaged bag designed to provide a basic support system for two adults for two days (48 hours).

For food The Sentinel includes 12 emergency food rations, also from Mainstay. Each ration contains 400 calories, 23g of fat, 46g of carbohydrates and 3g of protein. In looking at the nutritional info regarding vitamins and supplements it appears that each bar - each 400 calorie ration - contains 50% or more of the recommended daily allowance of the major vitamins: A, B-6, C, D as well as calcium. The remainder are all rated between 10% - 40% (Iron, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Phosphorus, Magnesium. Recommended adult consumption is different for marine-based versus land-based environments. On land the directions indicate one bar per typical "meal" - equalling three bars per day per adult (1200 calories per day).

Yes, technology. Can man get through a day without it? The Sentinel provides three things I consider technology:

  1. A solar powered radio with AM/FM/NOAA frequencies. It is also capable of recharging your cell phone via USB port.
  2. A "Gizmo" LED headlamp made by Black Diamond. Running on one battery and providing 24 lumens of light it is sufficient to navigate in the dark and to do chores around your camp.
  3. Four Cyalume Chemical Lightsticks - each rated for 8-12 hours of "burn" time. (they may not be electronic but they definitely represent a modern technology)

Other "Survival" Tools:

  • A "Fuse" Multi-Tool & its nylong carry pouch by Leatherman. Multi-tool contains:
    • a knife blade
    • scissors
    • bottle opener
    • can opener
    • regular screwdriver - large
    • regular screwdriver - small
    • philips head screwdriver
    • pliers
    • wire cutters
    • 8" ruler
  • one first-aid kit from AMK which contains:
    • Assorted first aid items
    • compass
    • emergency whistle
  • one "pea-less" whistle by Fox 40 (and this thing is loud)

There are two remaining items included. The first is a Sharpie - permanent marker. I've known many a person who raises an eyebrow at the inclusion of a Sharpie - but those who have lived under emergency field conditions never seem to question it.

The second item is probably one of the most valuable in The Sentinel: it's a copy of Your Survival - The complete Resource for Disaster Planning and Recovery by Dr. Bob Arnot and Mark Cohen. The book includes a DVD titled "Your Survival". After the ForeWord, Introduction and some other information regarding online resources as well as icons used in the book, the book is composed of three sections:

  • Before Disaster Strikes
  • During an Emergency
  • After the Crisis

The physical structure of the book was designed to allow you to put your own printed resource material in the section dividers and an elastic band is mounted to the back cover so you can stretch it around the front cover and secure the book closed for packing. The book itself is an excellent resource for planning and preparation - and I'll likely do a stand-alone review of it in the near future.

So you can see, The Sentinel is a pretty complete basic kit for two people trying to survive a 48 hour time span. There is room in the pack to add in your own necessities - toiletries, medications, clean undergarments, etc. If you take the time to price out everything that is included you see that the MSRP is not only pretty reasonable but actually more affordable than buying everything separate AND it's already packed for shipping to you. All you have to do is unwrap the items and place them in the pack where you want them dependent on access or need.

After I pack a few additional items into this one I think it's going to end up semi-permanently located in the back of my wife's Jeep... or in the trunk of my car.

Stay Safe!

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