ASAP Hurricane Survival Kit

This week though, I am writing a review of a pre-packaged bag designed to provide a basic support system for two adults for two days (48 hours).

For many years now I have preached about the need to build Bug out bags, Go Bags or - as I've now learned to call them - Get Out Of Dodge Bags (GOOD Bags). This week though, I am writing a review of a pre-packaged bag designed to provide a basic support system for two adults for two days (48 hours). Note that I said basic support system. The Sentinel Pack from ASAP Survival Gear contains a good foundational set of gear - and room to add your particular odds and ends to meet / answer your individual needs. By itself though - as a stand alone survival pack - it's an exceptional kit for rural officers and wilderness rescue workers.

Before I delve into the Sentinel Pack, I should list the other options available from ASAP Survival Gear. They also have available:

  • The Sidekick: designed for one to two people for 24 hours. MSRP = $129
  • The Sentinel: designed for two people for 48 hours. MSRP = $249
  • The Survivor: designed for two people for 72 hours. MSRP = $449
  • The SOS Marine: maritime focused (boating), designed for two people for 72 hours. MSRP = $559

The pack I was sent for evaluation - as mentioned above - is The Sentinel designed for two people for up to 48 hours. It's a good basic starting point and includes many items that folks tend to forget or not see the full value in. Let's go through the pack and its included equipment - some of which woudl be worth full evaluations / reviews themselves.

The Pack:
Red and black with the ASAP Survival Gear logo emblazoned on the front, the pack is actually manufactured by Mossberg (according to one online resource, ASAP Survival Gear is a subdivision of Mossberg). If I had to guess, I'd venture that the pack is actually manufactured by another company that does such "for a living" and Mossberg OEMs it. No matter the actual originating manufacturer, it seems well-constructed and thoughtfully designed. It has four consecutively-smaller main compartments along with six smaller pockets and a hydration system pouch. If all of that isn't enough, the sides and face are covered with MOLLE webbing so you can add pouches to customize it as you see fit / necessary. The main compartment measures 20"x14"x7". Doing the math that would be almost 2,000 cubic inches of storage space just in the main compartment. Add on the other smaller pockets and I'd venture the guess that you're looking at over 2,400 cubic inches total (plus whatever you add on in MOLLE pouches) The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. The seams are double stitched. The three consecutively smaller compartments each have various zippered netting pockets for organizing and locating your kit. All in all this pack seems particularly well suited for this use: an emergency survival pack.

The Contents:

Shelter & Warmth:
The Sentinel contains two emergency blankets from Adeventure Medical Kits (AMK). It also contains two emergency bivvy sacks from AMK. The difference is this: the blanket is just that - a blanket that wraps around you. The bivvy is more like a sleeping bag you can get inside of.

Also contained in the pack is one package (two containers) of wind & waterproof matches. Each container holds 25 matches - so there's a total of 50 provided with The Sentinel kit. In the case of wet tinder there is also one package of eight wet fire tinder cubes. The directions for using the cubes indicate that shavings can be used to start damp tinder allowing each cube to last through starting several fires. If the material is more saturated then an entire cube can be used.

Food & Water:
The Sentinel comes complete with 24 emergency drinking packets from Mainstay. Each drinking packet contains just over 1/2 a cup of water (4.225 ounces or 125ml). Storage life is 5 years from the date of manufacture stamped on each drinking packet. The directions for emergency survival use recommend a ration of two packets per day. Only one cup of water seems a bit low to me - especially if you're on the go - but inevitably people will consume what they feel they need.

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